About Us

Gateway provides innovative software that allows companies to develop, test, deploy, assess and modernize business-critical enterprise applications. gateway’ software enables customers’ business applications to respond rapidly to market changes and embrace modern architectures with reduced cost and risk. It has more than 7+ years of expertise.

Gateway helps its customers significantly reduce application development and operating costs, increase the flexibility and value of information technology resources, and better manage the risks inherent in both mainframe and open-systems development and deployment. In addition, Gateway technology helps organizations realize productivity improvements that enable faster time to market and greater focus on product innovation.

Gateway Technologies is a competent, professional and a dynamic group; pioneered by entrepreneurs with a vision to strive for the best. Ever since its inception, Gateway has built a solid framework to flourish and have established a good image by dealing with different disciplines of trade and economic activities through supporting via software. The motto of the Company is to maintain quality , consistent, reliable and excellent services.

The company’ name is adapted from the same concept of ‘giving the solution for the entire business on managerial and internal control system’.